Experiences fuel perceptions.

Good or bad, actual or imagined, perceptions shape your brand and define your company. 
We design experiences that help you connect with people in meaningful ways.




Gere Donovan Creative is a full-service agency with an agile philosophy, an integrated approach,
insightful strategies, a digital heritage, and award-winning, results-oriented creative. 

We design experiences that help you connect successfully
with the people who matter most. Your customers.

Founded in Alaska in 1994, we now have offices in Oregon, Washington,
Alaska, and California. We have a proud tradition of hard work, creative ideas, and a
reputation based on treating people well and doing the right thing—not just what’s easy.



About Anchorage Concert Association

Founded in 1950, the Anchorage Concert Association (ACA) is a non-profit corporation committed to bringing world-class artists from the entire spectrum of performing arts to Anchorage. The website is the communications hub for this effort. 

Rethinking a critical revenue channel

After interviewing ACA staff, we learned the website functions as their main source of earned funds, and the first week of the new season kickoff, historically, accounts for the majority of their annual revenue, meaning an optimized website would directly affect their organization’s future fiscal success. The previous ACA site wasn’t well branded and was poorly organized, making for a confusing path to purchase, making a website redesign a critical component of the ACA communications strategy.

A redesign with immediate results

GDC worked closely with ACA staff to develop a more intuitive site structure; a design that reflects the evolving brand of ACA and highlights photography and video assets that are changed frequently throughout the year; easier navigation to ticket, event and subscription purchases; a responsive format that was easy to use on mobile devices; and an easy-to-maintain content management system.

Within three hours of launching the new site ACA exceeded their season ticket subscription projections and goals. 

Awards for our work with ACA

  • 2015 PRSA Award — 1st Place Website
  • 2015 W3 Award — Silver

About FNBA

For more than 90 years, First National Bank Alaska has been a quiet giant supporting the economic growth of the state. Alaska owned and operated, the bank takes a conservative, customer-centric approach to their business and their brand—an approach that has positioned them as a leader in Alaska banking.

A 15-year history with GDC

It was their customer focus that first brought them to GDC in 1998. FNBA understood that while they excelled at brick and mortar banking, their online presence would play a vital role in the customer experience of the future. For our part, GDC understood that building a website for FNBA meant really understanding their business and their customers, not just how to build websites—so that’s what we did.

Security, reliability, accuracy

That true understanding of FNBA fostered a relationship that has lasted 17 years beyond the creation of their first website. We’ve become a true partner because we understand their business, priorities and customers; we understand the local and federal parameters that they work within as a financial institution; we understand their requirement for absolute security, reliability and accuracy; and we’re there for them 24/7 to make sure they have that support.

Our work with FNBA

Since that first project 17 years ago, we’ve supported FNBA in the following ways:

  • Website strategy, design and management
  • Mobile responsive web design
  • Online security and infrastructure management
  • SMS-based emergency website management system development
  • Email strategy and management
  • Brand strategy
  • Creative messaging and design for mass, point of sale and digital media
  • Interactive Kiosk design

About AHFC

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation is the expert on all things housing in Alaska. Since 1986, they’ve provided affordable home loans, public housing, energy efficiency and weatherization programs, senior housing programs, and professional development opportunities.

A brand finds its voice online

The diversity of AHFC’s expertise, while excellent for the state of Alaska, had taken a toll on their website; the site had become an outdated warehouse of information that was difficult to navigate and had no connection to AHFC’s core mission of making Alaska a better place to live. AHFC called our offices in 2012, and we immediately took on the challenge. After many discussions with AHFC stakeholders, we defined their primary and secondary audiences, developed key messaging, and organized edited thousand of pages of content. This allowed us to structure the site in a way that was intuitive for all user types. At the same time, we worked closely with the AHFC communications team to develop the online vision of their brand. The end result was an award-winning website that’s become an invaluable tool to those who rely on AHFC and AHFC employees.

Putting a broad perspective to work

During the website project, we were inspired by the passion of the AHFC employees and the work they do for Alaskans. It was an aspect of AHFC that was not always readily apparent to the public or even to their employees, because each department and each “customer” had a limited perspective of the work based on their expertise or needs. Through the website project, we gained a broad perspective of AHFC which has resulted in a multi-faceted, long-term relationship. Beyond on ongoing web work, we’ve been involved in brand strategy, campaign development, and email strategy.

Our work with AHFC

  • Website strategy, design, copywriting, and management
  • Mobile responsive web design
  • Online security and infrastructure management
  • Email strategy and management
  • Brand strategy
  • Campaign strategy

Awards for our work with AHFC

  • 2014 PRSA Aurora Award — 1st Place Website
  • 2013 W3 Award — Silver Government

About Regent

Regent Education is the leading provider of software solutions designed to optimize the financial aid and enrollment processes for higher education institutions. Their flagship product, Regent8, processes financial aid for more than a million students every year, helping schools and students alike navigate challenging admissions and financial aid processes.

A brand realigned and reignited

We first worked with Regent in 1997 to rebrand both their company and their product suite and to help clarify their product release path. Regent had been hamstrung by their original brand identity—it didn’t reflect the reputation for service and success that the company had earned. After a rapid discovery process, we realigned their brand, positioning Regent as a technology partner and innovator. It was a move that led to renewed interest from prospective customers and helped shine the spotlight on the range and effectiveness of Regent solutions. They found themselves invited to the table more often than before, with existing customers looking more closely at ways Regent’s solutions could meet their other needs.

18 years as a strategic partner

As a result of that initial success, Regent called on Gere Donovan Creative to do more work—and to become an increasingly trusted strategic partner. We designed a new corporate logo and guidelines, new marketing collateral, new business papers, new presentation tools, and a new website with a robust content management system—all in approximately four months. The work won several design awards, but more importantly, resulted in a meaningful increase in opportunities for Regent.

We’ve worked with Regent ever since. We’ve collaborated on everything from product naming and high profile presentations to usability and interface design; from marketing and advertising campaigns that have driven reputation and sales to public relations support and copywriting. We’ve designed trade show booths that elevated their presence at key conferences and worked with them to develop customer service portals, new user interfaces for their products, targeted microsites, direct mail campaigns, and more.

Our work with Regent

  • Brand strategy
  • Identity systems
  • Collateral systems
  • Presentation Tools
  • Product positioning and branding
  • Usability and interface design
  • Marketing and advertising strategy
  • Creative design
  • Public relations support
  • Trade show booth design
  • Customer service portals
  • Product user interfaces
  • Direct mail strategy
  • Email strategy

Awards for our work with Regent

  • 2008 Summit Creative Award — Silver
  • 2008 Hermes Creative Award — Gold
  • 2007 Davey Award — Silver Identity

About Agile Alliance

Agile Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the concepts of Agile software development, as outlined in the Agile Manifesto. With nearly 13,000 members and subscribers around the globe, Agile Alliance is driven by the principles of the Agile manifesto and the value delivered to developers, organizations, and end users.

Redesigning a brand from back to front

GDC began working with Agile Alliance almost ten years ago. They came to us because they needed solutions for their online membership and registration systems. We created those systems and made them work well, and we did it efficiently and within a limited budget. We brought them ideas for other ways to improve online experiences, and over the years they’ve grown to become one of our flagship accounts. We’re currently managing everything from web design, usability and development, and integrated systems creation.

Our work with Agile Alliance

  • Web strategy, design, and management
  • Membership and registration system creation and management
  • Brand strategy
  • Presentation tools
  • Usability and interface design
  • Creative design
  • Event support
  • Conference support
  • Public relations
  • Customer service portals
  • Email strategy


About GCI

GCI is the leading provider of voice, data, and video services in Alaska for consumer, business, and enterprise customers. The Alaska-based company is dedicated to providing the best in communication services, including the state’s largest wireless network, high-speed broadband, digital cable television, and local telephone services.

Good work leads to lots of long-term relationships

Gere Donovan Creative has enjoyed a long relationship with GCI and has worked on many initiatives for a variety of their internal teams.

  • We’ve worked with consumer marketing and IT teams to redesign GCI.com.
  • We’ve worked with the GCI Commercial division to redesign the business-focused section of the website, which is now driven by entirely new, optimized web content.
  • We supported GCI during the statewide launch of the Apple iPhone by developing a specialized microsite to showcase the product and GCI’s added value. The site allowed customers to pre-register for the device—all according to Apple’s strict specifications and requirements.
  • We’ve also helped GCI design and currently managed their first ever email marketing platform and program for broadband, wireless, and video customers—providing technical, integration, design, copywriting, and campaign management services.
  • We’ve worked with the SchoolAccess and Telemedicine teams, designing corporate identity, websites, and marketing collateral—we even helped them find a way to brand their remote servers.

Our work with GCI

  • Web strategy, design, copywriting
  • Corporate Identity systems
  • Collateral systems
  • Campaign and product microsites
  • Email marketing strategy and management

About Ravn Alaska

Headquartered in Anchorage and the largest airline based in the state, Ravn Alaska has offered passenger service to more than 100 Alaska communities for more than 40 years.

A simple, beautiful, customer-focused site

Ravn Alaska may be the largest regional airline in Alaska, but they’re still known for providing a personal touch to customer service. So, when more and more customers began to look for that service online, the challenge was: design a clean, simple and relevant site that reflects the company’s deep roots across the extremely diverse state of Alaska, and make it accessible and functional across all phone, tablet, and desktop devices. With this is mind, we focused on creating an intuitive architecture—the literal underpinning for good digital design. Then to balance what would normally be a text-heavy site, we used colorful, local photography that is representative of the various key customer segments across the state of Alaska—the business traveler, the vacation traveler, and the rural traveler. Instead of focusing on the planes themselves in the imagery, which is typical in airline website design, they focused on the real reason for their business—the customers.

A strategic approach to marketing

The marketing team at Ravn Alaska connected deeply with our strategic, integrated approach to marketing, and shortly after the website project was complete, we become their agency of record. Since then, we assist them with all communications efforts—all of which are continuously measured and adjusted to get them the maximum results for their marketing dollars.


  • 2014 Summit Emerging Media Award – Leader Award
  • 2014 MobileWebAward Competition – Best Airline Mobile Website
  • 2014 MarCom Awards – Platinum
  • 2014 W3 Awards – Silver

Our work with Ravn Alaska

  • Web strategy, design, and management
  • Online security and infrastructure management
  • Billing system integration support
  • Email strategy and management
  • Brand strategy
  • Product branding
  • Marketing and advertising strategy
  • Media and sponsorship management
  • Corporate Identity systems
  • Web copywriting and SEO
  • Collateral systems
  • Presentation tools
  • Usability and interface design
  • Event strategy and support

Gere Donovan has done some AMAZING work for us. Not just with our website, but really taking our brand and transforming it into something recognizable and fun. The concepts we’ve gotten from them have been fresh, creative and have fully embodied who we are as a company. Each move GDC makes comes with a story, making each campaign, Facebook post, email and rack card an effective tool for our business. 

- Charlotte Sieggreen, Marketing Manager, Ravn Alaska

About Pebble

For nearly a decade, The Pebble Limited Partnership—commonly referred to as “Pebble”—a world-class copper, gold, and molybdenum deposit 200 miles southwest of Anchorage, had been conducting geological and ecological surveys to determine a responsible and actionable approach to development. After ten years of research, Pebble was ready to switch gears and prepare for the next stage: the permitting process and the communication needs surrounding the proposed project.

Honest, concise, approachable communication

Our role at GDC was to present the key facts surrounding the Pebble Mine in an honest and concise manner. After reviewing the research gathered by Pebble’s communications team, visiting the Pebble site, talking with employees, talking with Alaskans, and attending community meetings, we collectively determined the partnership needed a website that would help answer the basic questions on most people’s minds—and one that could help dispel some of the myths about the project, the process, and their approach.

Award winning strategy, design and copy

What followed was an award-winning website that became the underpinning for the Pebble communications strategy. Following that, we helped institute more frequent outreach via email, with links to current news articles and a bimonthly newsletter in an effort to keep people informed of Pebble’s ongoing commitment to community. We then took on several comprehensive collateral system projects, collaborated on messaging, wrote and designed print advertising, and consulted on social media strategy—as well as a pending integrated communications strategy and campaign.

Our work with Pebble

  • Website strategy, design, copywriting, and management
  • Online security and infrastructure management
  • Email strategy and management
  • Brand strategy
  • Creative messaging and design for mass and digital media
  • Communications strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Collateral systems

Awards for our work with Pebble

  • 2013 Davey Award — Silver Copywriting
  • 2013 W3 Award — Gold Corporate Communications
  • 2013 W3 Award — Silver Website Features
  • 2013 Web Marketing Association — 1st Place

Gere Donovan provided us with excellent creative insight and account service across a range of communications needs. Most important to me though was their outside the box style of thinking and their willingness to bring in new ways to look at our communication challenges. I valued and relied upon their insight. And they have the best facial hair in the business…

- Mike Heatwole, Vice President, Public Affairs, Pebble Limited Partnership



Scott Gere, President & CEO

Scott GereScott has managed countless interactive and design projects since 1995. He has developed a reputation for excellence, insightful strategic recommendations, and a commitment to his clients that is second to none. He has worked on projects for the Smithsonian Institution, Pebble Partnership, First National Bank Alaska, CIRI Alaska Tourism, Iditarod, Digimarc, Alutiiq Museum, Alaska Native Heritage Center, Hawaiian Vacations, Onvia, GCI, University of Alaska Anchorage, and Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation.

Monica Gere, Vice President & CFO

Monica GereMonica has managed business operations and agency finances since 1995. Her mastery of multi-tasking and focus on financial health has helped guide agency growth and long-term stability. From business planning and human resources to profit & loss and balance sheets, she’s got a sixth-sense for making the agency as financially successful and stable as possible.

Amber Lee, Chief Operating Officer

Amber LeeAmber brings 20 years experience as a successful marketing and advertising strategist to all our projects. She spent the bulk of her career in executive marketing roles in telecommunications, developing successful product, campaign and brand strategies for Alaska Communications, GCI, and Verizon Wireless in Alaska. She has produced award-winning, integrated marketing campaigns across all product lines including local, internet, cable and wireless industries as well as leading the successful rebrand of Alaska Communications.

Mike Donovan, Creative Director

Mike DonovanMike has depth of expertise in award-winning graphic design and art direction, copywriting, and new media development. He has worked on projects for Hasbro Interactive, AT&T, GCI, Microsoft, Nike, Dell, Kodak, American Airlines, Regent, Oregon Food Bank, Portland State University, Marylhurst University, Onvia, Digimarc, Oregon’s Cultural Trust, Intel, Tillamook Forest Center, Centennial Software, Convio, Miller Nash, Monsoon, and Blackbaud.

Sarah Andrews, Account Director

Sarah AndrewsSarah brings an impressive marketing background and truly rare experience in international client relations and team communications. Previously a key accounts person for an agency specializing in B2B for global tech clients, she’s more than familiar with performing digital research and analytics tracking for websites with unique short-term and long-term B2B goals and multiple levels of accountability. Sarah has worked on both digital and traditional media projects for many noteworthy clients and brands, including Hewlett Packard, Northern Economics, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, Cloud49, Ravn Alaska, Central Peninsula Hospital, Obesity Prevention and Control Program, Tyonek Alaska Group, and Alaska Regional Hospital.

Ryan Tyler, Technical Director

Ryan TylerRyan has been developing web-based applications on the LAMP stack since 2000. Before joining Gere Donovan Creative, Ryan was Lead Developer at concrete5 CMS, one of the fastest growing PHP based content management systems and was responsible for both core code enhancements and client implementations. Ryan has designed, built, and deployed many multiple server, high performance, and high availability hosting implementations, with load balancing, caching, and automatic fail-over systems. He’s an expert at both building and deploying PHP/MySQL sites.

Kyle Savage, Technical Lead

Kyle SavageKyle is a talented full stack developer with experience in web-based applications and in-house database and server administration. His experience lends itself to cloud-based hosting, user support, task automation, and rapid prototyping, and his professionalism, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills are powerful assets when it comes to any project. Kyle's experience with Alaska clients like the Municipality of Anchorage, Pebble Partnership, GeoNorth, and Motznik Information Services makes him an expert with the nuances that come with our in-state clients.

Kayce Wheeler Byrne, Project Manager

Kayce Wheeler ByrneKayce is an experienced account and project manager, with a proven ability to deliver projects that meet and exceed quality, schedule, and budget requirements. She has exceptional analytical and planning skills, and is adept in both corporate and agency marketing. Kayce has worked on projects for Health e Practice Solutions, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, CIRI Alaska Tourism, First National Bank Alaska, GCI, Marylhurst University, and Mentor Graphics Corporation.

Ashley Taborsky, Account Executive // Digital Strategist

Ashley TaborskyAshley is a digital jack-of-all-trades with an understanding of every step of the website redesign process, including competitive research, sitemap creation, UX design, content architecture and organization, and SEO. Throughout her career, she has either been directly involved day-to-day or managed the redesign and upkeep of numerous websites, dramatically ranging in size and measurable objectives. Ashley played varied roles on website redesigns and/or management for Sanford Health Regional Hospital System (previously MeritCare), Coastal Television (ABC Alaska/FOX Anchorage), Alutiiq and Afognak Native Corporation, Subway of Alaska, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, Charlie Ford Vintage, and approximately 30 automotive websites.



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